GIS is a full-service inspection company providing services to the energy industry across Canada. As a subsidiary of Quality Integrated Services, Inc. (QIS), GIS will provide third-party inspection services to the pipeline, oil, and natural gas industries from British Columbia and Alberta, to Saskatchewan and Ontario to name a few. With over 25 years experience, we are a leader in the pipeline inspection industry because of our highly skilled personnel and our dedication to safety.


Inspection Services
We have been providing 3rd-party inspection services to the oil & natural gas industries for over 25 years. At GIS, we will provide highly skilled personnel that are dedicated to safety and excellence.
Construction Management
GIS can manage your projects from concept to completion. We pride ourselves on keeping your project on-time and within budget. With our focus on excellence, we will provide experienced personnel that can meet your project’s specifications with an emphasis on safety.

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Guymon Inspection Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of Quality Integrated Services, Inc. (QIS)