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Latest News

Effective September 5th, 2018:

  • We added a new area on the left for "Training Resources" for referring candidates to training resources we have confidence in. As resources become available, we will add new locations that inspectors can utilize for getting additional training for the API 1169 Certification Exam. These are provided at a premium fee that candidates can find complete details listed on their respective websites.
  • Our first partner we have added as an exam prep partner in our "Training Resources" area is PBOK’s Centre for Pipeline Knowledge.  They provide training that comprehensively prepares individuals for the American Petroleum Institute (API) 1169 certification exam by reviewing all information in the API Recommended Practice 1169 and API 1169 Body of Knowledge. This is provided at a premium fee that candidates can find complete details listed on their respective website. As a bonus, they offer a 20% discount on the course for those that sign up from visiting our website.
  • The American Petroleum Institute (API) updated their scheduled exam dates for 2019. Please see the Scheduled Exam Dates tab for details on this updated list of exam dates and their respective application deadline dates.

Effective July 28th, 2017:

API announced testing dates for all of 2018.  Please see the tab labeled "Scheduled Exam Dates" on this page for complete details.

Effective May 16th, 2017:

The following are pointers for applicants to the API 1169 Certification Program to help make the application process more efficient and successful. It has also been disclosed that API is offering an additional testing date. See the Scheduled Exam Dates tab for details. This was sent to us by The INGAA Foundation to inform everyone of the latest news from API:

  • Make sure that you understand the qualification requirements for the program. You can find information about the API program here: www.api.org/icp, (navigate to Step 1: Certifications and then select API 1169 – Pipeline Construction Inspector from the dropdown menu.)
  • Make sure that you have all relevant documentation and contact information handy. You will need to upload your diploma or any relevant certifications.
  • In applying to API, focus on listing the “required” education and experience that can be verified.
  • Check that your employment references are still alive and that phone and email contact information is accurate.
  • When completing your application, ensure you understand the differences among “Pipeline Inspection Experience,” General Oil and Gas Inspection Experience,” “Non-Inspection Pipeline Experience,” “General Oil and Gas Industry Experience” and “Other Heavy Industry Experience” as defined by API and select the correct category for each job listed. Each of these categories have a different requirement for length of experience. Refer to the API website for an exact description and experience requirement of each.
  • Provide your employment references with the exact details of what you submitted on the application. This makes their verification much simpler.

As always, if you have questions, please call our offices during regular business hours and ask to speak to our Safety Coordinators or Personnel Directors.

Effective March 2nd, 2017:

Attention all current GIS employees, if you are currently employed through GIS and are planning on registering for the API 1169, make sure you put "QIS" down as your current employer and you will be entitled to a 25% discount (total to enroll is $400, so with the 25% discount, it would come to $300).

Please note:  You must be a current employee of GIS, as per API's policy.

(Note:  GIS is a subsidiary of QIS (Quality Integrated Services, Inc.) and to be eligible for this discount, current GIS employees need to put QIS down as their employer.  QIS will vouch for your employment on behalf of GIS.)

Background Info

The boards of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, the INGAA Foundation Inc., the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association and the CEPA Foundation – major pipeline trade associations in the U.S. and Canada, respectively – have voted to endorse a program to ensure all pipeline inspectors doing work for their member companies are certified by 2018.

The Pipeline Inspector Certification Program is part of the continuous improvement process to enhance the operational reliability and safety of pipelines. By standardizing the baseline certification of pipeline inspectors across the industry, we can enhance the quality of new construction.

Reasons to have a certification program:

  • Availability of Experienced and Qualified in-house inspection personnel is limited – many contract inspectors are performing inspection work without direct owner/operator supervision and oversight.
  • Uncertainty and difficulty regarding contractor/inspector qualifications
  • Pipeline Inspectors represent the industry and are expected to make significant decisions
  • Public safety frequently rides on their decisions. At the time there were no uniform requirements to determine the knowledge and skills required to perform inspection activities
  • API’s 3rd party certification process would be unbiased and uniform in nature

Potential Benefits:

  • Provides industry with a method for centralized, independent, unbiased, legally-defensible certification
  • Provides industry with a readily-accessible program to identify qualified inspectors
  • Professional credential is industry-designed and industry-accepted
  • Demonstrates industry support for minimum inspector competence
  • Promotes industry safety, personnel and process management, and environmentally-sound performance
  • Reduces the time and resources necessary for industry to qualify inspectors in-house or to screen/ pre-qualify contractors
  • Demonstrates to authorities a proactive approach to training/qualifying industry personnel and directly addresses recent concerns regarding new construction inspections.

For more information, please visit this link.

Exam Dates

2019 Exam Dates

August 16 - 30, 2019 - Deadline to apply: June 14, 2019

December 6 - 20, 2019 - Deadline to apply: October 4, 2019

Minimum Qualification Requirements:

The qualification requirements for API 1169 are based on a combination of the number of years of experience acquired within the last 20 years, plus education, and in some cases, other certifications. The first step in the process is determining and verifying your qualifications.

Summary/Additional Info

In summary, Operators are beginning to require the API 1169 Certification for future projects.  The first of the Operators are going to require it later this year, and several others are indicating they “prefer” inspectors who have it.  Avoid the rush and start preparing now!  If a situation presents itself where the Operator you are interested in working for requires the certification, it could take from 3 to 6 months to get it.

Steps to follow:

1.) Certifications - View certification info, qualification requirements and study materials.

2.) Apply - Submit new, reschedule and recertification applications.

3.) Schedule Exam - Schedule a test and learn about exam day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Is there a discount available to QIS inspectors for the exam?

A: Yes, please click the tab on our Latest News Section for the complete details.

Q: If I needed additional assistance, who can I contact?

A: Call our offices and speak to Frank Hensley @ 405-604-9500 at our OKC office, if he's unavailable, call Dominic DeJoseph @ 580-468-6601 at our Guymon office.

Q:  How long is the test?

 A: 100 question, multiple choice exam.

Q: How much time do I have to complete the exam?

A: 3 Hours

Q: Where can I take the exam?

A: Once your registered through API and the ICP portal you will have the option to pick your testing location based off of where you are currently located and where ProMetric Testing facilities are offered. Below is the link to find an exam location closest to you.


Q: Where do I start the process for registering for the API 1169?

A: Api.org is where your journey to becoming 1169 certified will start, under the tab products and services, click on Individual Certification Programs (ICP). Once there you will see tabs on the left hand side of the page going over all the information you will need.

Q: What, if any qualifications do I need to have?

A: On api.org they have a qualifications page to verify if you met the minimum requirements of API to take the 1169, you can also refer to our qualifications page on this website.

For a more extensive list of FAQs, please visit API's website for more information.

Training Resources

The following is a paid training resource that inspectors can utilize to get prepared to take the American Petroleum Institue (API) API 1169 Certification Exam:

  • PBOK’s Centre for Pipeline Knowledge:  This training comprehensively prepares individuals for the American Petroleum Institute (API) 1169 certification exam by reviewing all information in the API Recommended Practice 1169 and API 1169 Body of Knowledge. The training features Canadian specific study material including key highlights, recommended reading, terminology, scenario-based assessments, self-assessments, and practice questions organized by topic. The course concludes with a practice exam that has been developed to mimic the style and content of the API 1169 multiple choice exam. The practice exam can be repeated, as the question bank includes over 200 practice questions.
    • For a 20% discount, enter the coupon code GISAPI.
    • Please click this link to view the course outline.

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